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What Non-Muslims Need to Know about Islam as Ideology -- The Basics

Not a day goes by that we do not read about violent religious bigotry, hatred, virulent anti-Semitism, persecution of Christians, abuse of women, honor killings and mass murder -- all coming out of the world of Islam and perpetrated by religious Muslims in the name of Islam. And, they quote their sacred texts! That is why we need to learn what is in those texts. In addition to this violent jihad, there is also the Muslim Brotherhood's silent, subversive jihad program for America which few people are aware of.

In this six-hour, three-session class, which includes plenty of time for Q&A, participants will gain sufficient understanding of the ideological nature of Islam to be able to make sense of much of what is going on in the world today including Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, The Islamic Republic of Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Libya, ISIS and, especially, the conflict over Israel. 

We will examine the Koran, the ahadith (sayings of Muhammad), Sharia Law and the writings of the most respected Islamic regligious authorities to see what these Islamic sources say about Jews, Christians, other non-Muslims and women, and the eventual triumph of Islam over all other religious. Everything in this course is based on the Islamic sources.

Instructor: Dr. Goldberg received his PhD in history from the University of Michigan. After 9/11 he began to study Islam and has made many public speaking and radio appearances in Arizona and Nevada. He has taught at the Phoenix Bureau of Jewish Education and maintains an email discussion list for public awareness on the nature of Islam.


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