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Solar Energy: The Questions and Answers

What you must know about solar before you ever invite a solar salesman into your home. The Arizona landscape is littered with residential solar companies. It's near impossible to sort the good from the oh so bad. This educational seminar will do just that. Learn how solar works, how much money will you really save. Leasing vs buying, American or Asian made. How to choose the right solar system for you. All this and more so join us for a fun and informational time. (1 session)

Instructor: Having been raised on a Midwest farm I learned at a very early age the amazing power of the earths natural elements primarily the wind and sun. The wind powered wind mills for irrigation the sun solar cells to power homes. Over the past 30 years I've become a solar advocate. I've learned and lived through the industry growth. I know all the do's more importantly all 

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