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The book I would like to facilitate in a discussion with is entitled I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years by Ilchi Lee. Mr. Lee has combine ancient wisdom and current needs to help seniors age well. This book has received reviews from leaders in the fields of medicine, spirituality, and mental health.

Dr. Christine Northrup author of Woman’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom wrote, “This magnificent book ignites the true spirit of what it means to live fully. But more than that, this book provides the precise formula you need to follow if you do indeed want to live as fully as possible, as healthfully as possible, for as long as possible.”

Marti is a coach, mentor, and teacher. She recently spoke to two thousand people about her experience of fulfilling her life by reaching out to senior homes and teaching tai chi. She believes it is okay to study and learn a lot but until we share with others what we have discovered we cannot have the experience of feeling fully alive. Her motto as a senior herself is “to live my life all my life.”  Currently, Marti is teaching Tai Chi and Yoga outreach programs in senior retirement and assisted living homes in Scottsdale. She has been actively studying and practicing the healing arts for over forty years. As a young stay at home mom she began practicing yoga. After her children were gown she continue to her studies while searching for additional modalities for healing. Marti has taught healing workshops as well a yoga and tai chi. She has facilitated Life Mastery classes for seniors here in Arizona. Her healing trainings have included Massage Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, and Tai Chi and Yoga. She is a certified life coach and a Life Mastery Consultant. Marti’s mind and heart are devoted to helping others heal their bodies, minds and souls. Marti has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Trans personal Psychology

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