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How to Really Enjoy Shakespeare
Ever have this happen? A friend calls and offers you tickets to a play. Then you ask the name of the play, and they say “oh, something by Shakespeare.” Now how can you get out of this? You hate this guy; you couldn’t understand his stuff in high school and nothing has changed since then. You are suffering from Shakespeare-phobia, a fear of funny words, confusing plots and plays about people you don’t care about. If this sounds like you, or if you love the Bard and want to know more about him, this could be the class for you. We will attempt to unravel some of the mystery surrounding this famous playwright, look at some of the reasons his words bewilder you and even have some fun with the old guy. It could be fun to go to a Shakespeare play and actually enjoy it. You could even offer your friends some tips on the plot and little known insights about the man and his work. A cure is not guaranteed, but some fun and interesting historical facts are. Don’t worry – we will not be reading any of his plays, but a copy of Romeo and Juliet will help with some of the references. (3 sessions)

Instructor: Larry Fowler has over 20 undergraduate and graduate hours covering Shakespeare and his work, including a summer of study at the Bread Loaf School of English at Middlebury College. He has seen or read all of Shakespeare’s plays and even likes some of them. Larry has a diverse background as an educational consultant, college instructor, and administrative dean in the disciplines of speech, radio and television, communications, and public relations. He earned  a BS degree in Speech and English, and an MS in Communication. He is a self-proclaimed “Tech Guru” and loves tinkering and figuring out how all things work.

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PORA Adult Learning
Camino 1
Fowler 3/26 - 4/9 Mo 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM $15.00

Robert Frost: His Life and Times
"I am going out to clear the pasture spring; ....I sha'n't be gone long. You come too". (from The Pasture by Robert Frost)
Robert Frost had a love affair with humanity and nature, especially with that which he found in the region he called home - New England.  He allows the people to express their thoughts and view their environment through his poetry.  Frost invites us to come along and listen in - to discuss what they are saying and what it means to us. (3 sessions)

Instructor: Bob Nugent has studied Robert Frost's life and poetry for many years. As a native New Englander, Bob has visited many of the locales and is familiar with the people and situations which form the backdrop of Frost's writings.

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PORA Adult Learning
Camino 2
Nugent 2/16 - 3/2 Fr 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM $15.00

Writing Your Autobiography: Chapter Two
This class will help people who have already taken an introductory course in writing their life story, or who have done a considerable amount of research and writing. It is aimed at those who have just not gotten around to finishing the story for whatever reason. The instructor will facilitate a systematic method of organizing your life story. This course assumes that you have completed a good bit of work on the story, but now need some help in organizing that work and getting focused on actually writing the story. The goal of this class will be to sufficiently motivate each participant to complete from 10 to 12 chapters by the last week. There will be considerable sharing of student's work throughout the course. (6 sessions) 

Instructor:  Dave Poling has completed and published his own autobiography and recently published his first political novel. Twenty-eight of his past students have successfully published their autobiographies. Dave is currently a member of the PORA Board of Directors and oversees PORA Adult Learning. He has a BS in American History and a MA in Secondary Education from Northwestern University. He has been a high school teacher, insurance executive, and spent over 25 years as a manager/executive in the airline/air express industry, followed by eight years as a principal in management and transportation issues with Arthur D. Little. 

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PORA Adult Learning
Camino 2
Poling 2/20 - 3/27 Tu 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM $25.00
PORA Adult Learning
Camino 2
Poling 2/21 - 3/28 We 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM $25.00