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2020 Spring Session  


Jr. Achievement Biztown

Mondays  1:10 - 2:15

Grades 4-5

 3/19 - 6/1

(No class 3/30 & 5/25)

$177 or 3 pymts of $59


Includes Biztown Fieldtrip on 5/15


Wednesdays 2:35 - 3:35

Grades 1-5

3/18 - 5/27

(No class 4/1)

$126 or 3 pymts of $




Thursdays 2:35 - 3:35

Grades 2-5

3/19 - 5/28

(No class  4/2)

$126 or 3 pymts of $42


Includes Drum Pads and Sticks


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