Rebuild the Conservatory Preschool
Active Dates: 2/15/2018 - 6/30/2018

 In January during a freezing New England storm, a water pipe burst in the ceiling of the Cape Conservatory Preschool. Since we had closed the campus for the day due to the inclement weather, water from the burst pipe showered down for several hours, causing a flood in the room. The water saturated the ceiling, poured down the insides of the walls, and flooded the hardwood floors. The room was destroyed. 

The Conservatory Preschool classroom not only hosts 38 adorable preschool students throughout the week, it also provides rehearsal space to several of our music ensembles in the afternoons and evenings. On any given day, the room emanates with joy from the Conservatory’s flute choir, string ensembles, youth chorale, jazz band, adult voice ensembles, Suzuki violin group, and our beloved “Sing for Joy” program, for adults living with Parkinson disease. The room is the largest “studio” space we have, so its destruction has been a setback for much of the Conservatory community. 

While insurance will, thankfully, cover much of the cost of repairs, the Conservatory’s deductible is an overwhelming $5,000. For a non-profit organization, this $5,000 - unbudgeted - expense is devastating. Please donate to our rebuilding efforts so we may continue our mission of “inspiring joy through the arts.” All levels of support are truly appreciated.

 Thank you,

Stephanie Weaver, DMA
Cape Conservatory Executive Director