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If you are a new student, please click on Apply for Lessons. Existing students may use this option to express an interest in a new lesson.

Viola Lessons




Registration Instructions. Please follow the complete process for either new or returning students.

New private lessons students only
1.    Click on "Apply for Lessons" and fill out the online inquiry form.
2.    Once you have submitted the form, our office will contact you. Please do not register until after a trial lesson has occurred.
3.    Alternately, call 513-556-2595 or email [email protected] to follow up.

Returning students and new students who have already completed the new student inquiry process
1.    Make sure you have logged into your ASAP Connected account first. If you need assistance with a password or user name, call 513-556-2595 or email [email protected] for assistance.

2.    If you have clicked on Viola, but you know you need Suzuki Viola lessons, please click on Viola - Suzuki in the Private Lessons menu on the left hand side of the screen and follow those instructions.
3.    Once you have logged in and verified the correct instrument, click the "Purchase Lessons" button to begin the registration process.
4.    Select the correct registrant/student (the person taking the lessons) from the drop-down
5.    Select the appropriate lesson package (remember, if you need Suzuki lessons, you want the Viola – Suzuki instrument from the drop-down. For non-suzuki, choose traditional)
6.    Select the duration of the lessons (30, 45 or 60 minutes)
7.    Select the instructor
8.    Add to cart and proceed to payment screens
9.    For UC employees ONLY, for 10% off private lessons for the 2018-2019 school year, enter this code in the Promotional Code box: Bearcat2018



If you are a new student, please click on "Apply for Lessons." Returning students should purchase a private lesson package.

For help or questions, please contact Coach Ed.

Cell: (512) 730-1399  Email: [email protected]