Private Lessons

CMC offer private lesson instruction in over 30 instruments. 

Students register for an entire quarter of lessons. Financial assistance and instrument rentals are available to students.

To register or get more information, please make a registration appointment at

At your appointment with our registration team, we'll help make the best possible match between teacher and student, review schedules, find open lesson times, process enrollment information, review CMC's policies, apply for financial aid, and pay tuition. Appointments typically take 30 minutes.

Flute Lessons



Flute Lessons

The flute has a long standing history in classical concert music. Its repertoire spans centuries, and its sound can fill any room despite its small size. The flute is at home in orchestral woodwind sections, chamber ensembles, and marching bands. Student build skills in fingerings, breath control, embouchure, and theory.


Please note that our Culinary Centre Doors opens only 10 minutes before class start time.