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Cartooning Lessons



Cartooning (Youth)

This course will empower students by creating characters and laying out cartoon settings in a progressive manner using multiple shapes, lines, simple shortcuts and color applications (with a bit of basic art theory) to construct artwork in both their own unique style and in a way that will instill confidence and creativity in the student. It will also touch on character background and storytelling, leaning on classic comic strips and cartoon characters to illustrate the fantastic range of cartooning. 


Character Designing

A fast moving and challenging class, character design will encourage students to problem solve. They will be taught basic construction techniques and proportion manipulation in order to find their own voice and style. Learn how to create mannerisms and a unique personality for your characters, and solidify their styling through sketching exercises and turnarounds. 




Students will develop their own comics, with emphasis placed on creativity, concept, story line, and layout. Students will explore drawing from imagination, and work on developing their storytelling skills through sequential art. Cartooning and/or character design is recommended, though they will be touched upon in class. 



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