Gina Williams

Subjects Taught

   • Piano

   • Voice


Gina Williams has more than two decades of private teaching, and many years of performance experience under her belt.

Gina Received her Masters from the University of Alberta studying under Sherill DeMarco and Eva Bostrand. Both had very distinctive teaching styles. Sheril focused on analogies and sense where Bostrand focused on concrete technique and the physics of music. This dual approach, combined with her seven years of vocal training in Los Angeles under Leanne Summers - former Seth Riggs Associate, has given flexibility to Gina’s teaching style, allowing her to teach multiple students with different learning styles.

Gina teaches a range of clients from professional music teachers who use singing in the classroom, to people who never got a chance to learn who are now taking the opportunity. Her philosophy is simple, in her words: “everyone who can speak can sing. The same vocal chords we use to speak are used to sing”. It is no surprise then that Gina very much enjoys teaching those who have been told they cannot sing, play or write. She firmly believes that singing is a gateway to the soul, and no matter what your skill level “you can reach a point where you can express yourself where you are heard and understood” under Gina’s direction.