Sophia Wood


Sophia dreams of epic space adventures where the universe depends on mathematics and virtue for survival. Occasionally, she has been known to try to play mathematical sequences and fractals on an instrument or two. She squeals with excitement when a wood duck, sand hill crane, or prothonotary warbler are in her vicinity. Her most difficult challenge on a daily basis is remembering to close a cabinet or drawer (so watch out). Astrodynamics and projectile analysis are the lullabies that relax her before nighty-night (or getting tangled in a ball of yarn). Logical decomposition of literature and silliness is a hobby (Lewis Carroll is a favorite) – you should try some syllogisms. 

Photography and art is a passion that consumes her time for hours on end. She looks forward to her adventures at Village Home where she can share her passions, mathematical musings and love of photography and art. On a serious note -  she holds a BS in mathematics, has 11 years of engineering experience, decades of tutoring, 10 years as a professional photographer, 10 years coaching swimming and aquatic cross-training, and 2 years in a bagel shop.

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