Cierra Highlen

Subjects Taught

   • Cartooning

   • Illustration

   • Character Design

   • Comics


Professional Artist 

Cierra moved to Los Angeles in 2014, from Phoenix, Arizona. She works as a professional illustrator and digital artist, with concentration on character design.

She has storyboarded and created concept designs for short and feature length films, as well as illustrated posters for various theatres. Her work has been shown at the Arizona Opera, The Nash, The Firehouse, and Barrelhouse.

In addition to traditional mediums, she works digitally, with a focus in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and ProCreate. She is the illustrator for a comic series (Where the Hammer Meets the Nail) for Breakground Magazine.

She believes that a strong understanding of pop culture, animation, and games can help ignite a creative spark in children who are not always inspired by traditional media.