Marla West

Description Marla didn’t want to be named Marla, but there it was.
She was hoping to be named Meredith Daniels, grow up in
England as the only child of wealthy architect parents who were
the guardians of castle integrity. She was going to pick berries
in the hedgerows and roast apples over an open flame in their
17 th century fireplace. But her parents didn’t consult her.
Marla grew up in Seattle Washington, to musician/engineer
parents who instilled in her a love for language. And plums.
But ‘Meredith’ took matters into her own hands. She fostered
and cultivated an imagination that could fill in the blanks where
her non-consulting parents left off.
‘Meredith’s’ mind traveled her to Europe where she studied
architecture, music, art, food cultures, and where she acquired
the ability to speak 12 languages. Including Bantu which is filled
with lovely clicking sounds.
Too fabulous to be true?
Come to Marla’s Singing As A Second Language class to find

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