Out of the Box: Gelli Plate Printmaking


Located in : Maud Morgan Arts, At Home Kit
Instructor: Wendy Prellwitz

Regular Student: $235.00

Now more than ever, there is an appreciation for tangible, off-screen experiences, especially those you can share with others.

Our take-home boxes will include all the materials you’ll need, and guidelines to start your gelli plate printmaking projects; explaining printmaking techniques and home maintenance. Our team also made a list of suggested YouTube tutorials, interesting printmaking artists to check out on Instagram and a link to our Pinterest page for inspiration!

Gelatin printmaking is a simple and versatile form of printmaking (no press required!), making it perfect for artists of all ages to use at home. 

Each of our printmaking boxes comes with…
1, 8×10” Gelli Plate
2, Rubber Brayers
1 Package of Palette Knives
1 Package of Paint Brushes
1 Pad of 11×14” Printmaking Paper
1 Roll of 14×17” Newsprint
1 Set of Acrylic Paints
1 Bottle of Acrylic Paint Extender
1 PDF of  suggested tips and techniques


And not included in the box, but participants of this program receive three short video tutorials from Wendy Prellwitz, a group zoom session with Wendy (Q & A + show and tell), as well as the opportunity to share artwork in an online exhibition listed on Maud Morgan Arts’ website!

These are professional quality materials with easy at-home usage – any old table could be your studio! 

 Please note: If you select “pay later”, we must receive a check within three business days. If we do not receive payment, or if there is a significant overdue balance on your family account, we will notify you and drop your enrollment. Those who ‘pay later’ by check get a $5 discount!

Grade Range: 3 - Adult