Scheduled Dates

8/27/2020   10:00 AM  11:30 AM
9/3/2020   10:00 AM  11:30 AM
9/10/2020   10:00 AM  11:30 AM
9/17/2020   10:00 AM  11:30 AM
9/24/2020   10:00 AM  11:30 AM
10/1/2020   10:00 AM  11:30 AM
10/8/2020   10:00 AM  11:30 AM
10/15/2020   10:00 AM  11:30 AM

NPS122 Tools for Difficult Times

Dates: 8/27/2020 to 10/15/2020
Schedule: Th 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

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Located in : Online, Zoom1
Instructor: Olivia Hurd

Regular Student: $144.00

Practices will be presented to ease stress, balance mind/body, cultivate patience and transform anxiety, no matter what the difficulties. Each class will include Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga, guided meditations and silent sitting. We will encourage observation of the meditation experience, noticing what practices lead to quieting mind, opening mind and heart, feeling integrated, contented, and which don’t move you. We’ll notice changes and ‘openings’ from week to week, both in meditation and in activity, and how to apply the knowledge gleaned from observing, to enhance life experience.