Scheduled Dates

1/11/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
1/18/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
1/25/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
2/1/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM

MED102 Beginning Meditation: Developing Inner Serenity

Dates: 1/11/2021 to 2/1/2021
Schedule: Mo 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

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Located in : Online, Zoom 3
Instructor: Olivia Hurd

Regular Student: $72.00

Meditation is a practice that, when cultivated daily, allows us deep relaxation of body, and an openness and clarity of mind. When body and mind are integrated and balanced, we open to a different and wider perspective on our thoughts and perceptions.  Through observing our experience clearly, gaining insight, we naturally change and grow, to become our best selves. In the process, we are able to let go of mental and physical habit patterns that don’t serve us, ultimately leading to enlightenment.

 The class can stand alone or can be part of a year-long course designed to develop and sustain a daily meditation practice. You will be introduced to different traditional Tibetan meditation techniques including breath awareness, body movement (Kum Nye TibetanYoga), chanting mantras, and visualization, that support a deeper connection with your own being, strengthening inner confidence, sensing well-being.  Includes talks to support the direct experience of meditation, class discussion and readings. 

Additional Information

Additional Instructor: Suellen Ehnebuske