Scheduled Dates

1/14/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
1/21/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
1/28/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM
2/4/2021   07:00 PM  08:30 PM

NPS223 The Way of Caring: Caring for the Mind

Dates: 1/14/2021 to 2/4/2021
Schedule: Th 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

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Located in : Online, Zoom 1
Instructor: Pema Gellek

Regular Student: $72.00

Tarthang Tulku writes in Caring that “the source of our problems is the way we have learned to work with mind.” Can we find better ways to care for our own minds? In this four-week class, we work with practices from Caring and Dimensions of Mind, also by Tarthang Tulku, to explore how we can work with mind differently and come to a greater understanding of how we get caught in negative patterns. This class introduces elements from Dimensions of Mind that will be developed in the second half of the Way of Caring course. It is open to all those who care about their lives, meditation, and want a new way to work with mind.

Additional Information

Additional Instructor: Hugh Joswick