Scheduled Dates

2/13/2021   10:00 AM  01:00 PM

NPS417 Growing Compassion: A brief exploration of how to unlock the strength of your heart.

The will be held on Saturday, February 13, 2021
From 10:00 AM until 01:00 PM

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Located in : Online, Zoom 2
Instructor: Erika Rosenberg

Regular Student: $50.00

Compassion goes beyond feeling more empathy and concern for others. It develops the strength to be with suffering, resilience in the face of life’s challenges, and the courage to help alleviate suffering in oneself and others. In this half-day workshop, Compassion Educator and Nyingma Institute instructor, Erika Rosenberg, Ph.D., will take participants through an experiential exploration of the cultivation of compassion. This brief training offers a variety a meditations and exercises to explore qualities that support the development of your inherent compassionate nature. In particular, practices will visit three key aspects of compassion work: relaxation and stabilization of the mind, self-compassion, and embracing common humanity.  No meditation experience is required to participate in this workshop.