Abstract Painting in the style of Diebenkorn

Abstract Painting in the Style of Diebenkorn
Richard Diebenkorn is probably the most celebrated California painter.  His abstract works from the late 60s through the 80s were created in his Santa Monica studio on Main Street near Ocean Park Blvd and are entitled "The Ocean Park Series".  This workshop will ask each student to choose one of the Ocean Park works as a starting point for an abstract painting and see how it may evolve.

DIebenkorn's works utilized process of patiently altering and refining abstract compositions which were influenced by the color, light, space, and architecture of Santa Monica.  The students will be encouraged to make alterations to their piece, painting over shapes which don't "feel" right, applying more geometric "painterly" shapes, shifting colors, thinking about the overall light of the picture in an attempt to arrive at correct results.  Diebenkorn teaches us that painting is a process of trial and error, of making adjustments with the intention of directing ourselves toward discovering a rich, personal vision.

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Brentwood Art Center
Studio L1
Gary Paller 2/21 - 2/21 We 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM $60.00 View