Dear Friends,


The unprecedented nature of today's circumstances has struck notes of fear and anxiety in the hearts of many.  Questions such as "Why is there so much negativity in the news these days?"  "I am feeling isolated and scared - what can I do to calm my mind while hiding out from the virus?" and "How can I make a difference", seep into the mind and trouble the heart.  

This is not how we are meant to live.  


There is a way to ride out this interruption to life as we know it.  We can use the teachings of the wise to make sense of this world and to rise above the chaos.  

Make this time count by making philosophy practical.  


The School will hold Free weekly conversations every Friday afternoon in April for our subscribers everywhere.  

Instructions on how to log into Zoom Conferencing will be emailed out to registered participants on Friday morning. 

Allow 15 minutes before the meeting to install the Zoom application.   


Register for Friday, April 10 at 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.  


Tell your friends.  We are all in this together, so let us meet with likeminded people and use the lens of wisdom to understand what's happening today.  Let us listen to what is behind the white noise of the threat of CORONA 19 and find hope.




Stay safe,

Allison D. Thorpe


School of Practical Philosophy, Toronto