Dear Friends,


Welcome to the School of Practical Philosophy!


During this time of uncertainty, we are thrilled to offer a gathering place for knowledge and spiritual development, that has its foundation in the ancient wisdom of the east and west.


The illustrious J. Krishnamurti writes, "If we are being educated merely to achieve distinction, to get a better job, to be more efficient, to have wider domination over others, then our lives will be shallow and empty" (Education and the Significance of Life)


The study of Practical Philosophy certainly results in a full life.  It brings new understanding to the mundane and a deep appreciation of the things often taken for granted.

In addition to Philosophy Classes, this term offers two Special Courses: 

The Letters of Marsilio Ficino and

The Conversations between Leon MacLaren and Shantananda Saraswati.


So, go ahead.  Take a class on yourself and be inspired.  Tell your friends too.  All classes are offered on the ZOOM platform.


In light of the challenges brought on by the current CORONA 19 situation, this term all fees are reduced by 50%.

If you are moved to give more, please visit our donation page.  No amount is too small.


Here's looking forward to seeing you online in the coming weeks.




Stay safe,

Registration Team,

School of Practical Philosophy, Toronto