Welcome to the Online Registration system for 
•  International Ivy Summer Enrichment Programs
•  Ivy Kidz Early Childhood Enrichment Program
•  Ivy Clubhouse After-school and Saturday Enrichment Program 


Step 1: Login 
Create an account or login using the "login" button on the upper right corner of this page. Remember to input each child's first name when you create your family's account.    

Step 2: Complete the Registration Form 
Complete a registration form for each child.  Remember to click on "Copy Contact Information to group members" and save if you need to walk away as the system times out after 20 minutes.  

Step 3: Make Your Selections
Find the Program (e.g. International Ivy Summer Enrichment Programs, Ivy Kidz, Ivy Clubhouse) using the Programs menu on the left. Click on the Program and then click on the location.  On the main screen, click on the green plus sign to open up more choices.  Click "Register Now" next to your selections.  
Step 4: Review Shopping Cart
Once selections have been made, go to shopping cart icon on the upper right corner of page. Review your shopping cart for accuracy.

Step 5: Checkout
Click "Checkout".  Complete the registration form if you have not done so already. Check the box and press "Accept" for the Terms and Conditions page. 

Step 6: Make Payment 
Enter any discount codes and make payment.  

You are done!  

for International Ivy
www, for Ivy Kidz
www.ivyclubhouse for Ivy Clubhouse

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