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Please contact us at or call our main office in California weekdays at 949-305-1705 with any issues or questions.

For our Math Curriculum Books and Solutions Manuals covering Common Core Math and competitions like the AMC 8, 10/12, MathCounts, ZIML and others, please go to the Areteem Bookstore

On the left panel is a list of course groups from which to choose. Here is a brief description of each of our courses, camps, events and other programs:

Camp Programs (Onsite): Winter Math Boot Camps, Spring Break Camps and Summer Residential and Day Camps.

Math Challenge Courses (Online: Live and Self-Paced; Onsite): In-depth and competition track problem-solving for middle school and high school students.

Physics Challenge Courses (Online: Live and Self-Paced): Fundamental Physics and Physics Olympiad courses for middle school and high school students. 

Computer Science Courses (Online: Live and Self-Paced): Intro to Computer Science and specific classes on programming and math application for middle school and high school students.  

*Inquire about our ASLA local clubs for taking Areteem classes. Go to the ASLA club page for details. 

Zoom International Math Competitions (Onsite during Summer Camps and Monthly Online): Areteem's ZIML math competitions open for elementary school, middle school and high school students. Go to for details. 

Math Competition Reviews: Math Competition online workshops for AMC 8, 10, 12, MathCounts and AIME training. 

Webinar Events: Back to School, Virtual College Fairs and Areteem informational events. 

Elementary Problem-Solving: Problem-solving courses for elementary students from 2nd to 6th grade.

Accelerated and Enrichment Courses: Enhanced and expanded school curriculum in all subjects.

Tutoring: Zoom Tutoring is for the specific needs of individual students.

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