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  •  Spring 2018

  • March 28 -- June 10


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  • Begins Monday, May 14th!



If you have a hard copy of ourMoonlighteryou may check for courses, times, dates, prices and instructors there. If you prefer to register by FAX or mail, fill out the registration form included at the back of the booklet and send it to us.  

If you would like to receive a copy of the Moonlighter, contact us at 510-594-2655 or 510-594-2716. or email us

You may prefer to visit our office to register for classes in person, or to have us assist you with registering online.  Our location: 800 Magnolia Ave, Piedmont, CA  94611. 


You will encounter the button at right on selected, class description pages.
Click on it and you will be directed to additional information about the classes. 




General information


Refund and Cancellation Policy

Please choose your classes carefully! Given the current state of educational funding, absolutely   no refunds or credits will be given for registration fees unless a class is cancelled by   Piedmont    Adult School. There are no refunds or credits on food fees.   Piedmont Adult School reserves the right to cancel classes that do not meet the minimum,      enrollment. In these cases, refunds will be credited to bank debit or credit cards.

Confirmation of Classes

For a confirmation of classes, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Piedmont Adult  School,  800 Magnolia Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611. Confirmations will not be given by phone. Unless you receive a call cancelling a class, assume that you are registered in your class(es).

Payment Information

Registration can be paid by cash, check (payable to Piedmont Adult School), money order or         credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. A $25 fee will be charged on all returned and “stop payment” checks.


All senior citizens (55 years and older) are eligible for a $10 discount for all regular adult classes. This discount does not apply to seminars (2-8 classroom hours) and special classes.

Campus and Classroom Rules

No Smoking: The Piedmont Unified School District is a tobacco-free organization and all the school district’s facilities are designated as tobacco free. Tobacco products are strictly prohibited. Food and Beverages: Eating and drinking are not allowed inside the classrooms.

Health & Recreation Classes

All Piedmont Adult School health and dance classes are non-therapeutic and intended for recreational purposes only.  You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise.  The Piedmont Adult School strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

PAS is not a licensed medical care provider and has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or treating medical conditions of any kind, or in determining the effect of any specific exercise on a medical condition.  You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities and assume all risk of injury to yourself.


Books required for classes are available at bookstores or through online vendors such as and We will provide ISBN information (book number) when possible so that students can find and purchase books easily

Uniform Complaint Procedures

In accordance with state guidelines, the District has adopted Uniform Complaint Procedures. Contact the Piedmont Adult School Office for a copy of the policy contact the Piedmont Adult School Office for a copy of the policy.

Special Accommodations due to Disabilities

Students who need special accommodations due to disabilities should call the school to make arrangements.









When you find this image above a class description, you may click on it to access additional information about the class.