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Lake Arrowhead School of Dance was founded by Sharon McCormick in 1981. The school offers classes in classical ballet, jazz, tap, and related disciplines, with the philosophy that dance is an enriching, disciplined art form whether pursued as a profession or as a self-fulfilling experience.

The syllabus at Lake Arrowhead School of Dance is created to instruct the student from primary through perfected dance technique. The students follow a structured curriculum of schooling, uniquely designed to the individual to develop and enhance their technique, self-expression, inner strength, endurance, control and discipline.

The school’s outreach and scholarship program is committed to enlightening the youth of the community with this beautiful and important art form.

The school is the official home of the Lake Arrowhead Classical Ballet Company.

Drop-ins Welcome

Are you a dancer? If so, join us for a class during your visit to Lake Arrowhead. Check the class times posted on this website or call for information. There is a $20 fee for drop in students.


We’re located on the Lower Waterfront level of Lake Arrowhead Village, on the side of the peninsula facing the Resort and the Yacht Club. This is downstairs below the Jockey and Van Heusen stores.