Welcome to Knitters' Day Out 2020 Online Registration

Knitters' Day Out 2020: September 25 & 26, 2020
Central Penn College, Summerdale, PA (across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg, PA)


Classes will be visible June 15, 2020.  Registration opens at noon on July 8, 2020 and closes at 8 pm on September 11, 2020.

Fees: $60 for a single class, $110 for two classes, $150 for three classes.

Market entry and lunch included with class registration fee. Multi-class discount applies only to an individual student registering for all classes at the same time.  No discounts will be applied if a class is added later.  Each student registering must create a unique account on our registration site. No family accounts.  If you want to register a friend, you will need to login to her account and register separately.  The link to the Login page is at the top right of this screen next to the My Cart link.

Teacher Substitution Policy: 

KDO reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if a teacher is unable to teach at KDO. If a suitable substitute cannot be found, then the class will be cancelled.

Refund Policy:

KDO will only issue a refund in the event that KDO must cancel a class; in that case KDO will refund the student's money in the following amounts: $60 if the student registered for a single class; $50 if the student registered for two classes; $40 if the student registered for three classes. In all other circumstances (including, but not limited to, student cancellation, student non-attendance, and student registration errors) No Refunds will be issued. 


General Registration Instructions

  1. Go to the Login page and login to your account or if you're a first-time user, create your account.  (The link to the Login page is available at the top right of the home registration page.)  When creating an account, always select "I am registering myself". Note: If you create a family account, the account will need to be separated into individual accounts by the KDO Registrar; this may result in a delay in your registration.
  2. Use the time-periods (Fri-PMSat-AMSat-PM) to view the classes in each of those time periods, and select only one class from any time period.
  3. Click "Register Now!" in the detail bar below the class description and additional information sections to add a class to your shopping cart. Then click Continue Shopping  or click on any time period to select more courses.
  4. When you've selected all your classes, review your cart to make sure your selections are correct and that you only have one class in any time period (Friday morning, Saturday morning, or Saturday afternoon). My Cart is located on the upper right of the screen and will return you to your cart if you happen to be elsewhere in the Class Registration site. IMPORTANT NOTE: at this time, the system is not checking for conflicting classes. Please verify that you only have one class in each time period.
  5. Click Checkout in the shopping cart when you're ready to submit your payment. Please note: all classes must be in your cart at checkout for the multi-class discounts to apply. Knitters' Day Out accepts Visa and Master Card.
  6. Once your payment is processed, you're enrolled and you should receive a confirmation email.

If you have questions about registration, see the Frequently Asked Questions, send us a message via the Contact Us page, or visit the Knitters' Day Out Ravelry group.