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In order to better support our heroes who provide dedicated life-saving emergency medical service to our communities, the Montgomery Department of Public Safety provides a wide variety of course offerings to address their preparedness needs.  

The Public Safety Training Center often hosts courses in emergency/disaster management, hospital and public health emergency preparedness (HPP/PHEP), CBRNE/WMD, as well as tactical medicine and active shooter events which provide an understanding of complex incident management, unique EMS responder considerations and medical response issues in a  variety of challenging environments.  

Montgomery County is helping to build resilient communities through community training and applications.  We are now a PulsePoint community.  Click here to learn more about the Mont. Co. initiative, and watch the video below.

 PulsePoint - Click Here to save a life!


Find upcoming community CPR, bleeding control and Naloxone response courses by clicking here. 

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Montgomery County Department of Public Safety

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