This event has been closed and is no longer available for new enrollments.


When: Friday,
From: 8/10/2018 To: 9/28/2018
Time: 10:30 AM - 02:00 PM
Where: The Jessye Norman School of The Arts, Main Campus Full Building

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JNSA STEAM Design Force and Motion:

Join the JNSA STEAM team as we put together elements of design, engineering, and physics in a series of experimental challenges. Students will design and build a tower and an egg safe container to withstand the force of a catapult launch and more.


JNSA Homeschool Players:

Students will learn, practice and perform a series of fast moving, sometimes funny, sometimes groan-worthy traditional camp skits. Along the way, students will have the opportunity to learn the basics of drama...stage direction, projection, body postion, memorization and timing. The class culminates with a show on the last day of the class. 

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