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Hand-Lettered Logotypes

When: Saturday, Sunday,
From: 11/11/2017 To: 11/12/2017
Time: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Where: TBD, TBD

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A logotype is the face of a brand’s image. And, unlike off-the-shelf fonts, custom lettering allows for the creation of truly unique identities for people, products and companies. During this two-day workshop, students will acquire skills to design and apply effective word-based marks for personal and professional use.

With the help of step-by-step drawing exercises, participants will explore and expand on various letter styles as they learn methods for generating a variety of viable logo options. Additional presentations and drawing demonstrations will illustrate how to further modify the structure and layout of letterforms in order to create compelling wordmarks that are as functional as they are attractive. Practical concerns such as proofing, production, and implementation will also be covered.

Required Materials
  •     No.2 pencils (conventional or mechanical)
  •     pencil sharpener (if applicable)
  •     erasers (conventional and kneaded)
  •     pad of tracing paper (9″×12″ pad is recommended)
  •     pad of quadrille 4×4 grid/graph paper (9″×12″ pad, 4 squares per inch is recommended)
  •     12 inch ruler
  •     Sharpie® Fine and Extra Fine markers
  •     white-out correction fluid pen
  •     adhesive tape (for posting sketches)

Please note that this workshop will focus on conventional drawing techniques intended to underscore principles fundamental to custom logotype design. Although workshop participants will not be using vector drawing software, a brief presentation on digitization will be given.

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